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Growth Thresholds

Growth thresholds are key steps that your scaling strategy will go through.
Growth thresholds are key steps that your scaling strategy will go through. Here, thresholds are not ‘ceilings’ or upper limits, but rather features in the system which will either slow down or accelerate the growth of an intervention and your efforts towards change.
Here are some important threshold considerations described below:
  • Operational and resource capacity: These are the operational and resource capacities, such as human resources, that can affect your growth (either slowing it down, or speeding it up).
  • Partner/ supplier capacity: These are the capacities of your partners (e.g. strategic partners, key stakeholders) or suppliers (e.g. those supplying your product) or distributors that can speed up or hinder the growth of your intervention.
  • Government policy/ regulation limits: Existing policies or regulatory limitations in your jurisdiction can also affect the growth of your intervention.
  • Financing/ funding thresholds: These are financial or funding limitations or opportunities that will affect your intervention’s growth.
  • Macro/ external influences: External conditions are factors that affect your growth, such as climate change.
  • Addressable population/ market limits: This threshold describes the limitations or your market, or the people you’re trying to reach (addressable population) for your intervention, such as consumer awareness.
  • Governance/ structural thresholds: You may have a governance structure that creates a threshold for you.
  • Competition/ substitutes towards different outcomes: This threshold describes competitor products or services that you need to take into account that also may affect the speed of your growth.