The process of creating something with others, towards a mutually valued outcome
Moving the needle on a complex problem requires an understanding of the great potential of convening people, using effective processes and methodologies. Working with people, and the trust and action of these people, is a key part of tackling a complex problem. In fact, it would be virtually impossible to do it without them.
Co-creation (that is, creating something with others towards a mutually valued outcome) can happen across lab activities including to:

Co-create new understanding, new challenge framing, new shared visions

  • This helps us to understand how and why the system behaves the way it does
  • It can help to define Collective Impact (who share a common agenda for change)
  • For example, lab participants (with often widely varying or even opposing agendas) can decide on a convening question that outlines a future state that everyone can subscribe to, such as that of the Energy Futures Lab: How can Alberta’s leadership position in today’s energy system serve as a platform for transitioning to the energy system the future needs?

Co-create new solutions

Co-create change at scale

  • Here, we understand the market and systems that can influence the growth and change of the solutions
  • We can also develop and test business models and a growth strategy for what we are creating
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